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Field trips – international Island Biology conference – 2019

After Hawaii and the Azores, the third Island Biology conference will be held in July 2019 on La Réunion in the heart of the Malagasy Region biodiversity hotspot, and its neighboring islands in the Southern hemisphere.

At the crossroad of three major biogeographical regions of the World (Afrotropical, Indomalayan, Australasian), the Indian Ocean hosts islands of highly contrasting climate, from  tropical down to Antarctic conditions, and of highly contrasting size, from immense islands facing environmental challenges of continental scale down to small islands paving the way for restoration and rewilding projects.

Madascarenes, in collaboration with its partners of different horizons, university, biodiversity managers, NGO and ecotourism professionals will bring you to the discovery of exceptional natural patrimony.

Discover three unique islands in the world

La Réunion

A mountain in the heart of the Indian Ocean, a large part of Réunion’s  ecosystems remain intact. Four hundred years ago the island was still an untouched paradise, since then the island has become a crossroads of people, cultures and religions of the Indian Ocean. It’s forested, mountainous core, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, remains a fragile Eden in the throes of change and threats from invasive, exotic species and human impacts.


The soul of the island is embodied by the interplay between a sparkling natural beauty and an incredible agricultural history. Postcard of the Indian Ocean, it is in the heart of the island or on neighboring islets that nature, in confetti, has taken refuge. Aware of its riches, Mauritius seems to have found a delicate balance between conservation and development.


On this piece of Africa, nature has evolved in isolation in the absence of large predators, developing an extraordinary flora and fauna. Ranked among one of the world’s « megabiodiversity » hotspots, especially for the multitude of its ecosystems, the 4th largest island in the world must rapidly reconcile man and nature in the face of the dramatic erosion of its biodiversity .